Editable Place Card Template A4 | Avery 5011 | Avery 5820 PDF Free Download

Free printable place cards If you are planning a wedding, birthday, or any other party, welcome your guests with place cards to make them feel warmly embraced from the very beginning. Place cards can be positioned on the dinner table or arranged on a table at the entrance to inform guests of their assigned seating. There are two ways to get beautifully designed place cards to please your guests. Firstly, you can create homemade place cards. Alternatively, you can utilize the complete services of an advertising agency to save time and reduce stress as the event date approaches.

Place cards have the guest's name on the front side. Usually, place cards are tented or folded, and the inside displays the table number or some well wishes. The entire card can be decorated with symbols of friendship like doves, rings, hearts, or flowers. It looks very attractive if the colors of the place cards match the pottery or tablecloth. This elegant touch adds a sense of nobility to your party. Place cards are not only beautiful but also very practical. They can be easily changed if you need to rearrange the seating order.