Top 10 Blank Word Place Card Templates For Free 3x2 Word | PDF

By | Update: 06 Jul 2024
Top 10 Blank Word Place Card Templates For Free 3x2 Word | PDF

Ensure your social event goes off without a hitch with these 10 free printable place card templates. From welcoming guests to seating them in their designated spots, these templates help event planners assign seats effortlessly and maintain order throughout the event. Simplify your planning process with customizable place cards that enhance the guest experience.

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What Is a Place Card?

A conventional place card is a decorated miniature card that shows your guests their seat location in an event. However, place cards can double up as meal guides for the catering services. These stylish cards create stunning displays and enable you to control the celebrants’ sitting arrangement.

What Is a Place Card Template?

A place card template is a ready-made, customizable paper or card you fill with details that guide an individual attendee to their particular seat, then print and designate to your guests. Place cards templates save you the hassle of designing one yourself. You have multiple styles and embellishments options for place card templates from glorious gold to matte finish. The secret is to find a template that matches your event’s theme and customize it.

Place Card vs. Escort Card

Wedding planners often use the terms "place card" and "escort card" interchangeably, but they have distinct purposes. At first glance, they may seem similar, but upon closer examination, you'll notice subtle differences. An escort card directs guests to their assigned table, while a place card guides them to both their table and their specific seat.

Both place cards and escort cards can share similar elements and designs that align with your event's theme.

What is the standard size of a place card?

Standard place cards measure 10cm by 6 cm. However, some designers custom create larger cards. Make a place card slightly larger than a typical business card when you can’t find a large enough template online.

Place Card Template

1. Template for Signature Names Place Card

A sophisticated place card design with emphasis on name will surely show guests the couple has paid attention to every last detail. Variable printing means less hassle for the couple! When personalizing your place cards, you can easily add guests' names and seating details by downloading the template provided, filling it out and uploading it template-for-names-place-cards-3x2

2. Template for Place cards with meal choices

Wedding place cards with meal choice Wedding Name Cards Folded Seating Cards Wedding place names Table Place Cards

3. Template for Minimalist Wedding Place Card Template

These minimalist wedding place cards will give each seating arrangement a personal touch that showcases your love for those in attendance.

4. Template for Superfine Soft White Printable Place Cards

an easy way to print your own place cards! Use our online templates to set up your text, run these 8.5 x 11 sheets through your printer, then separate the place cards by the tiny mico-perforated edges. A great alternative to hand writing place

5. Template for 8.5 x 11 Pure White Printable Place Cards

Print your own place cards with these pure white sheets and our online templates. Just set up your text, run these 8.5 x 11 sheets through your printer, then separate the place cards by the tiny micro-perforated edges. A great alternative to hand writing

6. 🎉 Template for 4 x 2 Flowers Place Cards

Free templates for Dinner Place Cards with Microsoft, Adobe & more. Print Online for pre-designed templates to customize and print your project.

7. 💒 Wedding Place Name & Placement Cards

Displaying guests' names makes it much easier to navigate the wedding reception. We offer place cards with designs that will match your entire wedding suite!

8. Template for Minimal Wedding Place Cards

Minimal wedding place cards. Share with your friends and family where they belong on your big day. Pair these escort cards along with the entire Meaghan Stationery Suite for a cohesive style, even in the details. Please Note: While text is customizable, the design elements and layout are not. Available flat (as shown) or tented (folded). Enjoy complimentary ground shipping on all orders.

9. 🎉 Template for 3 x 2 Place Cards

Free templates for Dinner Place Cards with Microsoft, Adobe & more. Print Online for pre-designed templates to customize and print your project.

10. Template for FREE Place Card Templates & Examples

Let Guests Easily Find Their Place at the Tables with’s Free Printable Place Card Templates. Choose from Professional Document Template Examples Online with Premade Guests’ Names, Table Numbers, Titles, Meal Preferences, and Descriptions that You can Easily Edit, Download for Free, and Print on Compatible Printing Devices.


How to Print Your Place Cards

To ensure your place cards look their best, use high-quality Epson printers. Set the scale to 100% or select the borderless printing option to maintain the card's size and design integrity.

Do You Have to Put Mr. and Mrs. on Place Cards?

While not mandatory, using titles like Mr. and Mrs. can make guests feel appreciated and recognized.

Do You Put Dr. on Place Cards?

Including titles such as Dr. is optional and can be done if the occasion warrants it. However, if adding titles exceeds your budget, it's perfectly acceptable to omit them.

Are Place Cards Necessary at a Wedding?

Yes, place cards are important for helping guests find their seats easily and assisting caterers in delivering personalized meals. Plus, they make a lovely keepsake from your wedding.

How Do You Display Place Cards at a Wedding?

You can use place card holders that complement your theme or simply lay them on the tables. For a visually appealing arrangement, consider placing them in a starburst pattern from the center of the table outwards.

What Do You Put on a Place Card?

Include the guest’s name, table number, and an optional thank you or welcome message.

Where Do Place Cards Go on the Table?

Wedding planners often place cards at the ends of the table. However, you can get creative with your table layout and experiment with different setups to suit your event's style.

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Ready to create your custom place cards?

Download and print our free place card templates. Choose from various table name cards and place card layouts. Just set your guest list and select your preferred template

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