Everything You Need to Know About Making Printable Place Cards

By Placecard.us | Update: 23 Apr 2024

Welcome to our guide on making printable place cards with placecard.us.

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How It Works

We've designed our place card maker to be incredibly user-friendly. Here's a quick rundown:

  1. Pick a template: Choose from our wide selection of templates, or upload your own design.
  2. Upload your guest list: Easily upload your guest list and assigned tables using Excel or by entering the information directly. The names and tables will be formatted automatically on the cards.
  3. Customize the cards: Personalize your cards by choosing fonts, colors, layouts, and more.
  4. Download your cards: Once you're satisfied with the design, save your progress and download a PDF file with the cards laid out for printing.
  5. Print your cards: Simply print the PDF file at home or take it to a local print shop.

If you choose a premium template, you'll have the opportunity to preview the PDF before making a purchase.

Place Card Sizes

Our place cards are approximately 2" high by 3.5" wide after cutting and folding. However, sizes may vary slightly depending on paper size and printer margins.

Supported Paper and Card Templates

Our templates are compatible with various paper types, including traditional card stock and pre-cut paper templates. Here are some options:

Card Stock

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  • Standard Card Stock: Ideal for robust cards. Choose any color or material that matches your theme!
  • Amazon Options: Amazon offers a wide selection of quality card stock paper, including versatile options.

Pre-Cut Paper

We support several pre-cut card templates, making the cutting and folding process easier:

Paper TypeType of CardDimensions (Height x Width)
Avery 5302 Small Tent CardsTent Card2" x 3.5"
Avery 5371 Business CardsBusiness Card / Name Badge2" x 3.5"
Gartner Studios Pearl Ivory CardsTent Card1.75" x 3.75"
Decadry Place CardsTent Card46mm x 85mm
Paper Source Place CardsTent Card2.5" x 3.875"

For more information about using Avery card templates, check our Avery Place Card Template page.


You can print the cards at home on most printers. We recommend doing a test run before printing the whole batch. Alternatively, local print shops like Staples® or Office Depot® can assist you.


Our cards have grey cut lines indicating where to cut. As long as you cut along these lines, they won't show up in the finished product. For larger quantities, a paper cutter can be a worthwhile investment.

For more printing tips and guidance, refer to our printing guide.

FAQ and Support

Here are answers to some common questions and support issues:

  • Cost: Place Card Us is free to use, but premium packages and templates are available for purchase.
  • Customization: You can upload your own design or contact us for assistance.
  • Blank PDF: If your PDF is blank, use the "Rebuild PDF" link on the download page. If the issue persists, try reducing the size/resolution of images or reducing the number of guests per batch.
  • Pre-Cut Paper: If your paper format isn't listed, let us know, and we'll do our best to accommodate it.
  • Additional Support: For further assistance or inquiries, contact us at [email protected] or visit our about page.

We're here to help make your place card printing experience as smooth as possible!

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