Customized Name Cards Templates: A Comparison of Top DIY Place Card Maker Websites in 2024

By | Update: 23 Apr 2024
Customized Name Cards Templates: A Comparison of Top DIY Place Card Maker Websites in 2024

In this post, I'll review some of the DIY place card options I found online, hoping it will be helpful for everyone planning their weddings on a budget.

free place card templates for wedding

Some requirements I had:

  • I needed to create printable place cards in less than 5 minutes. Although Etsy is known for such items, I've had some bad experiences there, so I wanted to explore other options.
  • I preferred not to type each name individually; ideally, I could upload names from my wedding guest list spreadsheet.
  • I wanted to create table tent cards as flat ones would require holders that I didn't have space for in my budget.
  • I wanted the flexibility to keep editing them after paying, as my guest list kept changing with RSVPs.

Here's a brief review of three sites I found for creating printable place card templates:

  2. (Printable Place Card Templates Download)
  3. Gatsby’s Party ([Templates])

SitePlacecard.meplacecard.usGatsby’s Party
Ease of UseEasy, but it required my email to download my preview, which was a bit annoyingEasiest to use – got my previews made in 3 minutes with no emailThe workflow was exactly the same as – easy enough but required an email
DesignsThe existing designs were not to my taste, but it does support uploading custom designsI quite liked the range of floral designs, and it also had a good range for other events like partiesFun and colorful designs, but perhaps not really suitable for weddings
Font/Color EditYesYesYes
Place Card TypesThe best choice and sizing, supports tent, flat, and Avery cardsThe best choice and sizing, supports tent, flat, and Avery cardsSupports tent, flat, and Avery cards
Inputs SupportedManual typing and Excel uploadManual typing, Excel upload, and copying from Google SheetsManual typing and Excel upload
Price$8.00 - Fixed price$4.99 - Fixed price.$3.00 - Fixed price
Max. Number of NamesAt least 100At least 100At least 100
Editing after PaymentYes - 14 daysYes – 1 monthsYes - 14 days


All of these sites were super user-friendly, but I ultimately chose

Since the price is fixed regardless of the number of place cards you make on all the sites above, I didn’t see the small differences in price across the sites as too much of an issue.

For me, it came down to which design suited our theme the best. I loved the simplicity of’s “weddings” design. Below are some of the place cards I made. They’ve come out beautifully on my simple at-home printer (I did have to set the print quality to High).

It’s my first time posting here, so I would love to know if this post was helpful for you. If so, maybe I will do a breakdown on the costs or perhaps a step-by-step write-up on how I actually created my place cards.

Happy wedding planning, and I hope this was useful!

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